Alpha Bank’s new NPEs at 1 bln euros

The management of Alpha Bank has estimated new non-performing loans arising after the lifting of the moratorium at the end of the year to be at one billion euros. The Arrears Ratio (NPLs) in Greece is expected to reach 13% of the total loan portfolio, while the Non-performing Exposure Ratio (NPEs) will decrease to 24% from 43% at the end of the nine months


Piraeus Bank’s business plan for a more aggressive reduction of NPEs

The bank will implement in 2021 a more aggressive plan to reduce non-performing loans as it will proceed with a new reduction of NPEs, through securitizations, amounting to 5-6 billion euros in addition to the two securitizations totaling 7 billion euros (2 billion euro package Phoenix and the 5 billion euro Vega package) which are being launched and will be completed in the first months of 2021.