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New loan for ADMIE

The Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE) has agreed on a 400-500 million-euro loan with a systemic bank. The confirmation of…


F. Kourmousis, the government will give a second chance to distressed borrowers

Coronavirus  has caused a financial crisis, which has led both households and businesses to not being able to repay finanicial obligations on time. The government is preparing a new law for debt repayments -and if that is not possible- will then considers writing off debts, giving everyone a second chance.

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Will  Ferit Sahenk make it through the summer?

Ferit Sahenk has been experiencing  a lot of problems , as a result of the weak Turkish economy. On top of that the standstill of Greek tourism due to pandemic, is creating uncertainty on whether Dogus will hold on to Astir Palace partnership this summer.